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Sustainable T FAQ's

Sustainable T's - yes please!

What is organic cotton?  Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or GMO’s. The cultivation and dyeing process must conform to organic processing standards.

What is “transitional” organic cotton?  It takes three years for farmers to make the transition from traditional to organic cotton. While grown in an organic fashion, this pesticide-free, herbicide-free, GMO-free cotton is not yet considered “certified organic."  By utilizing this cotton in our threads, we hope to encourage these forward-thinking farmers to continue their pursuit of a better planet for all.

How many plastic bottles are rescued from landfills to create the Poly Blend shirts?  Three!

What is Phthalate and why don’t I want it?  Phthalate is a chemical added to plastics to soften them and increase their flexibility. The majority of current screen printing utilizes it. However, animal studies have demonstrated adverse effects on hormone regulation and birth defects. Though more costly, we utilize the Wilflex Epic® line of phthalate-free inks to print our shirts.

Do you do custom?   We rock custom. Sustainable t-shirts and tech tees. Minimums for screen printing start at 48, but the price breaks really happen at 72 and 144 and above. We can also sublimate white tech tees with your logo. Minimums for custom sublimation start at 12. Email us for custom pricing. Or give us a ring, 912-660-1158, ask for Claire.

Do you have a team?  Yes, Team Alchemist. For the most part, we’re not “A” riders. More like “C” riders with some “B” riders in the mix. But all socially acceptable folks with day jobs. We show up and do respectably at races, though not always.  We have a couple Colorado State Champions, and a decent number of top podium finishes, but we wouldn't dare ourselves "fast" in a town like Boulder.  None of us so far is a fugitive or is being hunted for a crime we didn’t commit.

So, you talk the talk. But do you walk the walk? How Green are you really?  Greener than any other cycling apparel company that we know of, by a long shot. Details on the Alchemist Green Sheet.

Is it safe to purchase from your website?   Yes.  Our checkout process occurs over a secure https with browser padlock.  Check out the address bar on checkout.  You should see this:  secure checkout

What’s with the monkey?  Trade secret.