Customer Feedback

"Just completed a Leadville qualifier…60 miles and I was so happy with the team kit! Don’t be fooled by the minimal look of the pad in the shorts. It’s the best I’ve used when you need long haul comfort…and I’ve tried the best! The jersey was spot on. Great gear, Alchemist. Great gear!! Thanks."    Gordon W.,  Gunnison, Colorado


"I received your clothing last week and have used it a few times already.  Both the cycling gear and the T-shirts are great!!!"   Kees V.,  Harlingen, The Netherlands


"Hello.  A load arrived today.  It was the supply that a T-shirt and socks entered besides the thing which I ordered, and was nice.  And all articles are good designs.  Thank you very much. ☺   I wear this and send pleasant bicycle life."   Katsuya  I.,  Osaka, Japan


"Thanks for the great jerseys & the great service. Several employees are now sporting them (I love mine) & we just posted them online."   Frank W., Polar Bottle, Boulder, Colorado


"Claire, we received the box of gear, and 2 words, Bad Ass!  Really nice stuff!"  Sean C., Flatwater Cycling, Lincoln, Nebraska


"The Syd Trainer arrived today and I absolutely love it! It feels great and fits perfectly . . . . I can tell right now that it will become my favorite technical piece of clothing. The merino blend is really light weight, soft and warm---excellent combination.  Jeff, I must say that your customer service has been incredible."  Jim M., Raleigh, North Carolina


"I've ridden in the kit, and it is sweet! Very comfortable!"  Jeremy R., Durham, North Carolina


"Thanks again for everything as everyone LOVED the jersyes.  Looking forward to next year."  Trish N., White Wave, Westminter, Colorado


"To say these [Alchemist Merino Wool Jerseys] have done well  is an understatement." Peter C., Vecchio's, Boulder, Colorado


"The kits look AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME  . . . You are the absolute best!" Chris C., Anadarko, Denver, Colorado


"All the US guys got their amazing jerseys....Thanks!" Tim N., Seoul, South Korea