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About Alchemist

Alchemist was founded in Boulder, Colorado, a place rich in trails, rocks, snow and outdoor adventure.  It is our mission to protect this, and all, outdoor playgrounds for our children.    We create cycling clothing that looks sharp, feels great, and respects the Earth and her inhabitants.  Our give back mentality benefits eco-conscious and humanitarian causes.  It’s a mission more valuable than fabricating gold.


jeff | Founder, Art Guy

Starving artist dad of modest riding ability.  Jeff is half family guy, half ER doc, half mountain biker, half graphic designer, and no parts mathematician.  His blog posts are as much an irreverent catharsis of real life in the ER as about cycling apparel and bicycles. Jeff has too many bikes (says his wife), but his favorite is still his trusty Bontrager Race Light singlespeed (converted). Consequently, he has mercilessly worn out the phrase “steel is real”.  Jeff’s single greatest achievement was being awarded an honorable mention in high school for a play he wrote about a tear-jerking encounter between two members of the Bloods and Crips.




claire | Vice-President

Journalist and ethereal yogi, Claire injects a much needed dose of brains and indomitable good cheer to the Alchemist staff.   She is also the boss of sales and marketing. There really isn’t much she doesn’t do.  When she isn't practicing yoga or shredding singletrack, she can be found cruising the bike paths on her Felt Cafe townie.  She takes full advantage of the built-in cup holder as she rides to meetings and appointments all over Boulder, faking every one out with her pseudo-paper coffee cup.  




Melissa | Manager, Numbers Gal

With a freakish ability to remember digits and to just get sh*t done, Melissa ain't a person to be trifled with.  Seriously, don't mess with her.   A quick wit and a sharp tongue keep the Alchemist crew in check.  Strangely, her phone manners are eerily, and uncharacteristically, cordial.   But the bottom line is, If you need to get something done, Melissa has pretty much already done it.