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Everybody loves T-shirts (hoodies and hats too!). They love receiving them, they love wearing them. But who has time to deal with ordering them? Alchemist knows that the last thing you need to worry about is a T-shirt. We can guide you through the process from start to finish.

  • Graphic Design: If you have an idea or if you need some inspiration, we can help kick start the art. One hour of free design is included with your shirt order. After that, our design fees are very reasonable. 
  • Shirt Selection: Our signature shirt is a 50/50 blend of transitional organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. This ain’t your father’s poly blend. It breathes. It also has a silky touch. We also specialize in premium quality 100% organic, ring-spun cotton. Both are available in a variety of colors for your designs. Both are available in men’s and women’s cuts, and they include an itch-free tagless Alchemist label. We understand that while most folks would love to go green, not everyone’s budget allows for it. So we can also help you find the right traditional garment for your needs. We can do ringer, tank tops, spaghetti strap tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats . . . 
  • Screen Printing: We only use phthlate-free inks. Phthalate is used to soften plastics, and has been the industry standard for softening Plastisol inks used in shirt printing. Unfortunately, phthalate has been implicated in endocrine disorders and birth defects. Our Epic inks do not utilize phthalate but are every bit as eye-popping and durable as traditional inks. 
  • Embroidery: Our digital embroidery follows rigorous standards and allows for intricate detail.
  • Locals and Non-Profit discounts: If you are in the area and can pick-up the order, you get a discount. Are you a non-profit? You get a discount. Yeah, nice. We will take care of you from design to delivery. 

To learn more: Email us, Or give us a ring, 912-660-1158, ask for Claire.