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If you are handy with a graphics program and you already know what you want, create your mock-up on one of our custom templates.

Not a professional graphic designer?  Not a problem. Alchemist can help out with graphic design! The first two hours are complimentary with orders over 30 pieces, $45 per additional hour.  Things to consider when dreaming up a design:

  1. Our advanced digital sublimation proocess can accommodate unlimited colors
  2. Art and logos should be in vector format (eps,ai, vector pdf)
  3. Certain simple art may be submitted in raster art (jpg,png, gif), however, there is a charge of $15 per logo requiring vectorization.
  4. Outine all fonts
  5. Avoid art that continues unbroken across seams
  6. Call out pantone colors when possible, especially if you require a specific PMS color.
  7. Hidden zippers are available in the RIDE Series, but not the HOMEGROWN. Keep this in mind when designing across the front panel.
  8. For inspiration, you might consider drawing ideas from some of your favorite jerseys or artists.
  9. We have taken hand drawn sketches, and turned it into stunning art. So don't feel intimidated about the design process.  We can make it happen.